How to fact check a story

A common mistake readers make is to assume that fact checking sites are unbiased.

While fact checking is a vital part of the process, it’s a task that can be daunting, and the best way to get the best results is to find a trustworthy source of fact checking.

Here are five easy steps to make sure you’re fact checking your news article or news article with the right information:Read the article.

Fact checking can be difficult, especially for an unknown source like a news article, so you may need to go back and check the article to ensure the information in the headline was correct.

If the headline is confusing, read the article and make sure the source of the article is accurate.

Find the facts.

You don’t need to fact-check every single fact you see in a news story.

However, if you find a significant discrepancy between the headline and the facts, read and make notes of that.

You’ll find some helpful links in the article for you to check for facts.

If you’re unsure about what to fact verify, look for a link that says “fact check” and check for the facts yourself.

Fact checking sites aren’t necessarily biased, and fact checking can still be a good idea if you’re getting a mixed bag of facts in the news article.


if you’ve got a mixed message about something, read what you’ve read and see if it gives you an idea what to believe.

It’s also a good time to make note of where you are and where you’ve heard the story.

The next time you read a news item, check that it’s correct and don’t believe everything you read.