Lego website to allow kids to build their own LEGO set

The Lego website has confirmed that it will allow children to build LEGO sets on the platform.

The Lego website confirmed the news to TechRadar, which has reported that the website will launch on March 31.

The announcement comes as Lego revealed plans to expand its US headquarters to Los Angeles, California.

Lego CEO Jason Erikson said last month that the company had expanded its US operations to include a new headquarters and the opening of its Los Angeles office.

“It’s exciting to announce that we are expanding our headquarters to LA and we will be moving our team to LA from New York to become part of the Lego LA team,” Eriksson said at the time.

“We are excited to bring more than 100 staff from across the US to the LA office and we’re excited to be part of this exciting and exciting time for our company.”

He also revealed plans for a second headquarters in the city.