How to remove a fake viral YouTube video

There are two ways to remove YouTube videos that have been uploaded to the site.

One is by using the search bar at the top of the video.

You can also search for a specific video on the YouTube video pages.

Once you’ve found the video you want to remove, click on the Remove button and follow the instructions.

But don’t worry, YouTube will delete the video in minutes.

This is because they use automated detection systems that look for fake videos and delete them within minutes.

Here’s how to remove fake videos.

Step 1: Use the Search Bar to Remove Videos You can search for videos by clicking on the video’s thumbnail or the video description.

If you don’t see the video listed, the search field is blank.

If the video doesn’t exist, you can find the video using the video search bar on the top right of your YouTube page.

For example, if the video is called “The New Black,” the search will list all the videos with that title that were uploaded to YouTube in the past few months.

You should be able to find the fake YouTube videos by searching for the phrase “The new black” in the search box.

If it does not appear, you may have found the videos.

If this happens, click the Delete button and then follow the tutorial.

You may also need to change the language of your video, which is why it’s best to make sure your video description is clearly spelled out.

For this, follow the steps in the YouTube guide for video descriptions.

Once the video has been removed, click Delete and wait for YouTube to delete it.

Step 2: Find the New Video You can now go back to your YouTube home page and search for the video by typing the phrase, “New Black” into the search engine.

You’ll see a list of videos with this title.

Click on one of those videos and it will automatically add the fake video to your search results.

When you search for “New black” again, the video will be listed as the top-ranked video in your YouTube search results, and YouTube will remove the video from your search bar within a few minutes.

The fake YouTube video will then disappear from YouTube in about 15 minutes.

If your video hasn’t been removed yet, click Remove from YouTube to see if YouTube has taken it down.

You could even check your videos and see if you’ve been removed by going to YouTube’s home page.

To remove the fake videos you found, just click on them again and the video should be removed.

Step 3: Repeat the Process to Remove Fake Videos with the Search bar The same process applies to videos you didn’t remove in the first place.

In order to remove videos from YouTube, click Search and then the top button.

This will bring up a list that shows all the most popular videos from all the YouTube categories, as well as all the top videos from the past 12 months.

Clicking on a video in the list will show you a list showing the videos that the search results for that video currently show.

The videos you haven’t removed yet are also listed.

To add a new video to the list, just hover your mouse over the title of the videos you just removed and the videos will appear in the bottom of the list.