Fox News to host the first presidential debate on October 9th

The second presidential debate is slated for October 9, the final presidential debate before Election Day on November 6.

Fox News and CNN announced their plans to host a two-hour, two-candidate debate on Oct. 10, a day before the election.

It is the first debate to be moderated by a member of the president’s team and is expected to feature the same debate format that was used in the first one, in which Vice President Joe Biden moderated the first televised presidential debate in 2016.

The first presidential debates were hosted by CNN and Fox News.

Both Fox and CNN were owned by News Corp., which has recently announced that it will buy a majority stake in The Washington Post.

Fox News, a network that has a history of producing biased coverage, has hosted some of the most negative, negative, and outright falsehoods in the nation’s political history.

CNN will host the second presidential forum on Oct 9, and the network is expected at least partially to cover the third debate with Vice President Biden moderating.

In an interview with Politico, CNN president Jeff Zucker said the network has not yet decided whether to host any third debate, but added that he expects that to be the case.

“We have not decided yet,” Zucker said.

“We’ll see.

We have a very large team, but that’s a team that has been very successful with their experience, so we’re looking forward to that debate.”