How do you beat the Jaguars?

Fox Sports has launched a live video chat program for its NFL coverage, where fans can discuss everything from the team’s new stadium plans to the latest news, from the latest injury to the best-selling movie.

The site will allow fans to ask questions about every NFL game, including the Jaguars’ playoff run and the new stadium project.

The chat is scheduled to launch on Monday, Aug. 6, with the first 30 minutes of the show airing live on Monday.

The live stream will be available on the site’s app and in the Fox Sports app for mobile devices.

Fox Sports also is introducing a new interactive video section to its Fox Sports GO app, where viewers can watch the team as it plays, in its stadium or in the stands.

The interactive section will include a “Fan Spotlight” section featuring behind-the-scenes photos and video clips, as well as clips of players interacting with fans.

The new app also will allow viewers to ask their own questions about the game.

Fans can also watch the first 15 minutes of every game with live stats, including how many touchdowns, interceptions, sacks and total yards each team has scored.

The Fox Sports website also has a live stream section where fans will be able to ask about everything from how to watch the Jets win a game to the Jaguars-Cleveland Browns game.