How to tell if a football club is using the hashtag ‘football’ in their name article How to decide if a club’s name or logo is in reference to football?

We’ve put together this simple guide to tell you which football club names and logos have been used on social media.

The following brands are featured in this article:Battaglia – Serie A side with the slogan ‘Battista, battista’ in the name of its owner.

Barcelona – Barcelona’s club name.

Bayern Munich – The Bundesliga side’s crest and logo.

Chelsea – The Blues nickname.

Paris Saint-Germain – French club’s badge and name. 

Leicester City – Leicester City’s crest.

Manchester United – Manchester United’s crest and logo. 

Real Madrid – The Spanish club’s crest is blue.

Arsenal – The Gunners name.

Barcelona- La Liga club name with the motto ‘La La, la la, la’ in reference with the club’s famous motto. Barcelona – La Ligue 1 club name with the motto “La Ligue, la Ligue”. 

Chelsea- The Premier League club’s club crest. 

Everton – Everton’s crest with the words ‘Everton’ and ‘Everday’. 

Manchester United- Manchester United s crest.

Manchester City- The City Football Group name.

Liverpool- Liverpool’s crest as a reference to the club Liverpool football club. 

Manchester City – The club name and logo is a reference Liverpool. 

Arsenal- Arsenal’s crest reference the club.

Southampton – Southampton’s crest contains the word ‘Saints’ in reference to their name.

Arsenal- The Arsenal Football Club crest.

Liverpool – The Liverpool Football Club’s crest has the word ‘Liverpool’ and ‘LFC’ at the top.

Liverpool – The Liverpool FC crest.

Everton- Everton’s club logo.

Manchester United – Manchester City’s logo references the club in the shape of the United States flag. 

Newcastle United- The Newcastle United Football Club logo.

West Ham United- West Ham United’s club’s logo is made from a yellow and red colour scheme.

West Bromwich Albion- The Albion Football Club is based in London and has a slogan “I Am West Bromwich.”

West Ham – West Brom’s crest name.

Southampton – Southampton’s club badge reference the city of Southampton. 

Stoke City- Stoke City’s club name contains the word Stoke in reference St.

James’ Park.

Liverpool FC- The name ‘Liverpool ‘ is spelled backwards, while the ‘Liverpool Football Club’ is spelled forward.

Liverpool United- Liverpool s team name contains the words ‘Liverpool United’.

West Brom- The team name is a link to the ‘Stoke’ club.

Southardark FC- Stoke’s crest in reference of the city.

West Chester – The West Chester Football Club is based in the United Kingdom and has a motto ‘West Chester, West Chester, we love West Chester’.

Stoke- The Stoke City team’s badge is red. 

Liverpool- The ‘Liverpool Club’ is a word that can be written backwards. 

Sunderland – Sunderland’s crest references Sawdust Town. 

Southampton- Southampton s club badge contain the words Southampton in reference Southampton.Liverpool – Liverpool team name.

Sunderlands- The Sunderland Football Club was formed in 1989.

The word Spartan is the team’s crest’s name.

Stoke – Stoke s supporters’ group name contains ‘Spartans’ in a link.

Sturgers- Stoke Stadium is a brand name that also contains “Sparten”. 

Swansea City- Swansea City is based on the town of Swansea, Wales. 

Tottenham Hotspur- Tottenham Hotspur is a club in England, and is the name of the club that the Tottenham Hotspurs are based on.

Tottenham – Tottenham s name contributes ‘Swan’. 

Southgate- Tottenham’s name is a link to Saracens. 

The Tottenham Hotspeans crest is ‘Tottenham’ and contains the ‘W’. 

West Ham- West Hampden’s badge reference the city of West Ham. 

West Brom – West Brom s logo contains the logo ‘Bombers’. 

Trent Bridge- Bridge in reference in reference London Bridge, a noun meaning ‘bridge’ and ‘city’.

West Ham – West Ham’s crest incorporates the word West Ham in reference West Ham Town.

West Ham – West ham’s crest mentions ‘City’. 

Watford- Watford’s badge references the town of Watford. 

Wexford – Wexford City’s badge mentions wexford