IRS documents show more than half of Americans can claim a tax refund from the government website

NEW YORK — The Internal Revenue Service is providing a preview of its website Wednesday for taxpayers who can file their return online or through their local tax office.

The IRS said in a press release that more than 50 million people will have the ability to file their tax returns electronically this year.

It also said it expects to provide online filing information for more than 4 million individuals.

The agency said the release includes new guidance on how taxpayers can file a return online and in-person at their local Taxpayer Identification Number, or TIN, office.

It will also include new information on how to file electronically and in person.

The IRS will not be providing an update on tax refunds in the near future.

The release notes that taxpayers who file electronically are required to provide their Social Security number and any other personal information the IRS requires.