What is eBay’s new website builder?

An Indian-based company is taking the next step in building a new eBay website.

Dubbed the eBay Site Builder, it aims to create a one-stop shop for developers.

The company, called Dangam, has created an app that can be used for building websites using HTML5 and CSS3 and offers a free trial of its services.

It aims to be the first and only platform that lets you build websites using a single HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, and PHP template.

Dangam said it will be launching the new website by mid-December, and will offer a free 10-day trial of the app for anyone with an existing website.

It will also make it easy for developers to use it to build websites, as it will automatically import the templates for you and add your own customisation to your site.

Dagam said the platform would be open to developers from India, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka, and would soon offer other languages as well.