Which employers are taking up online job-finding sites?

In the latest case of the misuse of online job applications, one company has taken up a website where people can submit their resumes online.

The website, called Putlockers, which was created in October and aims to help people find suitable jobs, said it was not affiliated with the National Job Agency.

But the company, which operates a mobile phone company, was found to have registered itself as a ‘job board’ on the job-seeking website, and was in fact working with a job-seekers’ association.

“We were just trying to do something for our customers and not take anything for ourselves,” the website said in a statement.

“This was the first time we had seen this kind of activity.”

The site, which is not affiliated, allows applicants to submit a cover letter and resume online for a fee.

If the candidate’s resume is not accepted by Putlocker, they have the option to pay the fee and submit a resume directly to the company’s website.

The company’s business is online recruitment, and it said that “most of the companies we have been working with have been on this side of the industry”.

Employers who are using Putlock to submit resumes are not the only ones using the online job search platform.

In October, an employer posted a job on Putlock for a computer specialist, saying that the position would not be filled until January.

A month later, the company offered the position for the same job, saying it would take “several weeks” to fill it.

But Putlock said the company did not accept applicants who had not submitted their resumes, and that it was only accepting applications for jobs that were already filled.

“In our business, we don’t accept job offers after the candidate has been hired, so we have to go to the candidate and fill the position,” the company said.