Godaddy searches ‘lost in translation’ in search of job listings

An Italian website has been unable to find a job listing for an unemployed youth worker, while another is struggling to find online employers.

In a recent article for Godaddy, Godaddy Search, a search engine for job seekers, claimed it was searching for job listings for “unemployed youth workers”.

But when the website tried to search for “young unemployed people”, the results returned an error message, according to a report by Italian news website Il Sole 24 Ore.

The search results returned a blank page.

Il Sole 24 Orsa quoted a Godaddy spokesman as saying the website had to check if it was really searching for a job for someone who had already applied and had already found a job.

“If the results were wrong, it would have meant we didn’t have the right person to offer a job,” the spokesman said.

“We checked, we sent out emails, we checked again.

And we can’t find anyone.”

The spokesman said the search engine had been “trying to find this information, trying to find the right people, and we don’t have a good solution.”

The spokeswoman added that the company was working with the local authorities to try and find the person who had been wrongly listed.

“This is an unfortunate situation and Godaddy is working hard to find it,” the spokesperson said.

Godaddy is a search and hire platform for jobseekers.