Which states have the best pranks?

The online pranks website prankcall.org ranks the states based on a variety of factors, including the number of pranks posted on its website, how many people post pranks, and how often the prank calls are called.

This article looks at which states are most popular with prank calls, which states have a reputation for pranking, and which states boast the highest number of prank calls.

The article is part of a roundup of the best prank calls in the country.

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Prank Call States With the Highest Number of Pranks postedOn the site, you can see which states posted the most prank calls and how many of those calls were successful.

In addition, you’ll also see which state had the lowest number of calls and which state has the highest.

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States with the Highest number of Prank Calls State Number of Calls Total Number of Posts New Mexico 7,907 New Mexico pranks were posted on the website more than any other state.

Utah had the most pranks in the state, with 1,058.

North Dakota had a slight edge with 705.

Wyoming had 578.

Idaho had 524.

Alaska had 514.

Montana had 511.

Colorado had 510.

Nevada had 504.

West Virginia had 497.

Idaho Falls, Idaho posted the second-highest number of hoax calls.

It was the second most in the nation with 2,054.

Read More states with the lowest amount of prank callersThe list of states with most prank call activity is not a comprehensive list, and is subject to change over time, as new pranks are posted on site and other factors are added.

In general, there are states that boast a high number of reported prank calls while others boast a low number of reports.

However, a state’s reported prank call rate is a more reliable indicator of how well a state pranks than the number or percent of prank caller.

Below is a table showing which states had the highest total number of phone calls to prank call websites and which had the second highest number.

States with the highest prank call counts are listed in bold.

State Phone Number of Phone Calls Total number of telephone callsNew Mexico 705 New Mexico is the second largest state in the United States.

New Mexico’s pranks have been reported on the internet more than all but four other states.

Utah has the most phone calls made to prankcall website, which has posted the fewest prank calls overall.

Washington, D.C., also has a high rate of prank calling.

The list below is not exhaustive, but is a good starting point for a quick look at which state pranked the most on the prankcall database.

In general, prank call states have higher rates of prank complaints than their pranks.

There are also states with relatively low prank call rates, but high prank call numbers.

Read on to find out which states pranked which states, which state posted the highest and lowest pranks of their own.

States that pranked more than a single stateTotal number of complaintsNew Mexico, Utah 1,061 North Dakota has the largest number of recorded prank calls made against a single person.

Washington state has had the fewst reported prank complaints, but has had a very high rate.

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Read states with fewer than a million prank callsNew Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin have the lowest prank call count.

The top three states for prank call complaints are Vermont, Hawaii, and California.

New Hampshire has the second lowest prank calls on prankcall in the world.

Rhode Island has had an average of just over 1,000 prank calls per year since 2012.

Wisconsin has the lowest total number on the site.

The Wisconsin Prank Call Registry has had just over 2,000 pranks reported against the population of the state.

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Read states that pricked fewer than 1,500 prank callsTotal number in the top five statesNew Hampshire 1,001 Rhode Island is the top-ranked state for pranks by number of total prank calls reported.

Vermont has had more than 2,500 pranks since 2010.

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States reporting the fewth most prank complaintsNew Hampshire 3,902 Pennsylvania and Washington are the states that have the fewle the lowest average number of nuisance calls.

The state with the least pranks on the pranks database has posted fewer than 100 prank calls since 2012, but also posted fewer prank calls than all other states combined.

Washington, D., has posted just over 5,000 nuisance calls, the lowest count on the PrankCall database.

The states that posted the lowest numbers of prankcall reportsNew Hampshire 5,071 New Hampshire posted the third-lowest number of registered prank calls