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One Direction has a message for tourists: Don’t try this at home.

The group of British teenaged boys and girls are taking the next step in their journey to global stardom by releasing a song called One Direction on the internet, with lyrics ranging from “I’m not a boy, I’m not an idiot” to “If you want a world that feels like the future, look to the future.”

The group is calling the album, which was released on the Bandcamp website, “The Future,” because it describes the future where technology will make us feel “wonderful.”

It also mentions that “one day we will be able to see the future and it’ll look like us,” but that it’ll be a “world that feels more like the past.”

Read moreAbout One Direction: “We’ve had a bit of a rocky time with the label, we’ve lost one of our original members,” lead singer Harry Styles told National Geographic News.

“The band are now going to be in a better place, and we’ve got some very promising things in store.”

The new album will be released on June 12 and features the singles “Let Me Love You” and “What Do You Mean?”.

“We’re definitely in a different stage in our life now,” Styles told the news outlet.

“We’re really trying to push ourselves and try to make it feel more like a normal life.”

Read MoreHarry Styles’ father Harry says the band is trying to make music more like “a normal life”Read MoreRead More”We’re trying to take our world of music and bring it to the modern age,” Styles said.

“And if you’re going to try and do that, it’s going to cost you a bit.”

One Direction’s new album is called One-Direction, the first one for the group to be released in more than five years.

They are scheduled to release their second album in late 2017, with a follow-up in 2019.