Which states have the best pranks?

The online pranks website prankcall.org ranks the states based on a variety of factors, including the number of pranks posted on its website, how many people post pranks, and how often the prank calls are called.

This article looks at which states are most popular with prank calls, which states have a reputation for pranking, and which states boast the highest number of prank calls.

The article is part of a roundup of the best prank calls in the country.

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Prank Call States With the Highest Number of Pranks postedOn the site, you can see which states posted the most prank calls and how many of those calls were successful.

In addition, you’ll also see which state had the lowest number of calls and which state has the highest.

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States with the Highest number of Prank Calls State Number of Calls Total Number of Posts New Mexico 7,907 New Mexico pranks were posted on the website more than any other state.

Utah had the most pranks in the state, with 1,058.

North Dakota had a slight edge with 705.

Wyoming had 578.

Idaho had 524.

Alaska had 514.

Montana had 511.

Colorado had 510.

Nevada had 504.

West Virginia had 497.

Idaho Falls, Idaho posted the second-highest number of hoax calls.

It was the second most in the nation with 2,054.

Read More states with the lowest amount of prank callersThe list of states with most prank call activity is not a comprehensive list, and is subject to change over time, as new pranks are posted on site and other factors are added.

In general, there are states that boast a high number of reported prank calls while others boast a low number of reports.

However, a state’s reported prank call rate is a more reliable indicator of how well a state pranks than the number or percent of prank caller.

Below is a table showing which states had the highest total number of phone calls to prank call websites and which had the second highest number.

States with the highest prank call counts are listed in bold.

State Phone Number of Phone Calls Total number of telephone callsNew Mexico 705 New Mexico is the second largest state in the United States.

New Mexico’s pranks have been reported on the internet more than all but four other states.

Utah has the most phone calls made to prankcall website, which has posted the fewest prank calls overall.

Washington, D.C., also has a high rate of prank calling.

The list below is not exhaustive, but is a good starting point for a quick look at which state pranked the most on the prankcall database.

In general, prank call states have higher rates of prank complaints than their pranks.

There are also states with relatively low prank call rates, but high prank call numbers.

Read on to find out which states pranked which states, which state posted the highest and lowest pranks of their own.

States that pranked more than a single stateTotal number of complaintsNew Mexico, Utah 1,061 North Dakota has the largest number of recorded prank calls made against a single person.

Washington state has had the fewst reported prank complaints, but has had a very high rate.

Read about the most recent prank call data in the prank call database.

Read states with fewer than a million prank callsNew Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin have the lowest prank call count.

The top three states for prank call complaints are Vermont, Hawaii, and California.

New Hampshire has the second lowest prank calls on prankcall in the world.

Rhode Island has had an average of just over 1,000 prank calls per year since 2012.

Wisconsin has the lowest total number on the site.

The Wisconsin Prank Call Registry has had just over 2,000 pranks reported against the population of the state.

Read the latest prank call statistics in the prankcall database .

Read states that pricked fewer than 1,500 prank callsTotal number in the top five statesNew Hampshire 1,001 Rhode Island is the top-ranked state for pranks by number of total prank calls reported.

Vermont has had more than 2,500 pranks since 2010.

Read our list of the top 10 prank calls states.

Read all states with more than 1 million prank call reports in the past five years.

States reporting the fewth most prank complaintsNew Hampshire 3,902 Pennsylvania and Washington are the states that have the fewle the lowest average number of nuisance calls.

The state with the least pranks on the pranks database has posted fewer than 100 prank calls since 2012, but also posted fewer prank calls than all other states combined.

Washington, D., has posted just over 5,000 nuisance calls, the lowest count on the PrankCall database.

The states that posted the lowest numbers of prankcall reportsNew Hampshire 5,071 New Hampshire posted the third-lowest number of registered prank calls

When the Zola Wedding Drawings Website Got So Popular, The Company Just Shut It Down

We had a Zola wedding drawing website for a while, and it was a great service.

We got to know the staff and learned that they were passionate about the work they do.

It was a really positive learning experience, and we really appreciated their hard work.

We’ve since switched to another service, but we still like their service.

They offer free invitations, so it’s a great deal for all parties.

But then, the company went down.

In a weird, unexpected twist, it was all a bit too good to be true.

When Zola announced plans to shut down its wedding website business, the news was met with outrage, disbelief, and disbelief.

The company had a pretty good history with online weddings and it seemed like everyone was getting ready to start getting married online.

Then, a few days before the website went offline, the website mysteriously disappeared.

There were no photos, no video, no notes.

Zola’s servers had been shut down.

The only thing that anyone could find were the few messages that Zola had left for guests and the website’s contact information.

We reached out to Zola to ask why it was shutting down the wedding site.

We received a short, but thorough, response: the company’s hosting services were being shut down because they were “unsuitable for our current hosting environment.”

As the site was being shuttered, a portion of the site’s hosting revenue was being withheld.

The shutdown of Zola was just the beginning.

After the wedding drawing site was shut down, the site lost all its content and all the photos that were stored there.

There was no way for guests to upload any of the original drawings that were created with the site.

This caused a lot of confusion, so Zola took down all of the website content.

Zolas website had been taken down by the company, but the site had been online since 2014.

We contacted Zola for a comment and they did not reply.

Zolas website is now up and running again, and guests are posting their wedding drawings online.

It is sad to say that the Zolans service has not been as successful as we had hoped it would be.

If you want to make a digital wedding, Zola offers the perfect platform for you to have fun and share your images and videos with the world.

When Chloe Ting is a Porn Star: ‘I Am A Human Being’

Chloe Tingle is one of the most successful women in the industry.

In fact, she is currently on the cover of Playboy magazine.

This has made Tingle a porn star and an international superstar.

Tingle’s popularity has reached the point where she’s being paid as much as $500,000 per episode.

But the reality of her life as a pornstar is far from glamorous.

Tingle’s life is a bit unusual.

While she was born in the United Kingdom, she grew up in a conservative, religious household in the U.K.

Tingle says she’s been told she’s a lesbian since she was a little girl.

Her father is a preacher.

When she was 12, she and her mother decided to leave their home country and go to England to attend a private school in Manchester.

That’s when she met a man, and the relationship was a big deal.

But Tingle says it’s a completely different story when she’s in the UK.

She says she has never been in a relationship with anyone other than her parents.

“I have never been sexually abused, ever.

I never had to be touched inappropriately, I never was asked to perform sexual acts, and I never felt like I was the victim of anything,” she said.

While her parents are devout Christians, Tingle believes her parents were not religious at all.

She says they were just too busy raising her.

“My mum would just watch me in the bathroom and say, ‘Look, you have to look like a boy, you need to be a boy,’ ” she said, laughing.

“So when I was a child, I was very much a boy.

So when I met a woman, I would look at her and say ‘Yes, I do.'”

She said she was so proud of her mother for raising her, but she’s also proud of Tingle herself for her faith.

“I’m a very devout person, and if I could change anything in my life I would,” she told FOX Sports.

“You know, if I can make it to the point that I’m not even gay, that would be awesome.”

Tingle is a regular on the Adult Entertainment Expo (E2) circuit.

She was there to promote her new film “A New Day” which stars a woman named Sarah Jane.

And as she told Fox Sports, she’s very much in the spotlight these days.

“It’s the same thing I used to do, which was very humble and very humble with people,” Tingle said.

“And I’ve had so much support from people and so many people have given me their time.

So it’s just a great feeling.

I’m very grateful for it.”

The actress also talked about how she is feeling about the recent news that she was fired from her modeling agency.

“I was really happy, and it’s nice to know that I’ve been a little bit vindicated and it just happened to be me.

I was never the target, and that’s a shame,” Ting said.

The actor said that she and Tingle had a few conversations about how to handle it.

“We talked about it.

I said, ‘I really don’t understand why you fired me, I thought it was something I had done wrong.

And then you said, well, I guess I can deal with it.’

I said to you, ‘That’s fine, I don’t want to.’

And I just wanted to let you know that if you want to make a movie with me, you can do it.

And that was a really great conversation,” she added.

Ting was also asked about her relationship with her mother, and her role in her father’s life.

“Yes, he is a very strong Christian, and he’s very religious, and there is a lot of love in that,” she laughed.

I have a very close family and a very deep Christian family.

It’s very, very, special to me.

So to be in a position where my mother is being vilified for me is really hurtful.

I really feel that it is hurtful and I feel that I should have been able to have a relationship that was more fulfilling for me.

Ting’s father, Michael, is an Anglican priest and a friend of her.

And she’s certainly a huge fan of her father, and has said that he’s “the most incredible person” she’s ever met.

Thing is, Ting says she didn’t tell her father she was gay.

She told him she was bisexual.

He told her he was gay and that he’d never told anyone.

She said she didn�t know why, and she doesn’t think she should have known.

“My dad is very strict with me about things, but he knows my sexuality.

I have a lot to learn about sexuality.