Why Jordan has the most expensive stadium in Europe

The world’s most expensive stadiums have been identified in Portugal and Italy, with the cities both being among the world’s richest places to play football.

In Portugal, the Estádio da Luz is the biggest and most expensive venue, with an estimated cost of 2.8 billion euros ($3.7 billion).

The stadium sits on the shores of the Algarve Sea and is the home of Portugal’s national team.

It is located on the edge of the city of Porto, which is the fifth most populated city in Europe.

Portugal’s stadium budget is expected to be around 4 billion euros.

Italy’s La Stampa, a venue for the country’s top clubs, is the second most expensive in the world, at 2.9 billion euros, while the city-state of Rome is third at 1.9bn euros.

The most expensive Italian stadium was the Sestri Campioni in Rome, which houses Serie A giants Juventus, according to the latest edition of the Lega Serie A.